Wind spoiler

Go Ahead


These wind covers are designed to "spoil" the lift on the aircraft wing year round and are to be used as a supplement to your tie downs.

Camouflage wind covers are constructed of waterproof, uv resistant, lightweight fabric. (Your choice of Fall or Winter pattern) Solid black colored wind covers are constructed with 100% solution dyed polyester, uv resistant & water repellant fabric. All are approximately 5lbs per set.

There's limited space in the plane when you are flying out to your favorite hunting spot so staggered spoilers make these wind covers more compact & separate bags means less bulk in one specific area. Each bag is approximately 30" L x 10" W x 6" H when you are laying them down in your plane.

Below on the pictures: Number 1-5 are taken 7500 ft up North face of the Brooks Range. Number 1-3 are after a storm on the glacier, winds in excess of 50mph and then heavy snow. Picture 4 and 5 were prep for the storm. A good friend and the pilot of the Cub sent me these pictures and said the Wind covers saved his plane! Glad to hear that Brooke and Thank you for the info and pictures to share with other pilots!

When ordering online, please specify the aircraft the wind covers are to be used on, circumference around your wing for length of straps needed, your color choice and include your phone number.

Also note that there are 2 different camouflage fabric choices and 1 solid color choice available.

If you are not comfortable ordering online, please feel free to call me and we will make other arrangements.
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